Application & Care

1. Apply Mascara

Apply a coat of mascara to your real lashes to help them blend well into the lashes later on.

2. Measure & Trim

Gently remove lashes from their tray and align the band to your natural lash line. Use a pair of Shauni manicure scissors to carefully trim the ends if needed.

3. Apply Adhesive

Add a thin layer of eyelash adhesive across the lash band, wait about 30 seconds to ensure glue has had time to tack up. Otherwise the lashes won't hold onto the lash line.

4. Apply Shauni Lashes

Take your Lash applicator then place the lash to the center of your eyelid and as close to your lash line as possible. Then attach the inner corner and lastly the outer corner.

VOILA! It's that easy to apply a pair of Shauni Lashes.


After a long day, you may be tempted to just rip off your lashes. We highly recommend to avoid that as it can shorten the life span of your lashes.
Firstly, grab some oil free makeup remover and soak a Q tip with it. After take the Q tip to the inner corner of your lash band to dissolve the glue. Then gently remove the rest of the lash. Avoid tugging.

Maintain & Care

All of our Shauni Lashes are hand made which means you need to take good, gentle care of them. After removal, carefully peel off any excess glue that is on the lash band. Then store your pair of Shauni Lashes into their designated box.

If your lashes get wet and lose their curl, use a lash curler to help bring the natural curl back. Avoid using water, mascara or any other product directly on Shauni Lashes.

DO NOT swim or shower in your Shauni Lashes!