Finding the right pair of false lashes can be extremely difficult!



Here at Shauni Cosmetics, we specifically designed all our 3D lash styles in a way that mostly any eye shape can wear them. We created this chart to make your lash shopping a little bit easier for you! 



Lash Chart:

Almond eyes, mono-lids, small & big eyes, round eyes, hooded eyes, up-turned, down-turned, close-set & wide-set eyes.






These three-dimensional lashes have light volume and length, making it our most natural pair of eyelashes. Hemera is a unique style that starts off with a slight wisp and continues on with a straight effect.

Perfect for those with smaller eye shapes including mono-lids as the lash fibres are longer in the center and overall the style is not dramatic.

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Our best-selling lash "Pheme" has a beautiful wispy design, that will finish off any natural to glamourous look. This eyelash has medium volume and full length with a slight curl.

Perfect lash style for all eye shapes especially, up-turned and down-turned eyes.

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Eyelash extensions? Nope! This is the ultimate wispy strip lash, out of all our faux-silk lashes, "Peitho" is the most universal design. It's three-dimensional, fluffy and flirty finish will suit all eye-shapes.

An innovative style for those with mono-lids or smaller eye shapes who want a little more drama than a natural lash. It is a combination between natural and glamourous. So think of it as soft glam! 

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Effortless with a flare! "Theia" is another universal lash style of ours.

This will suit all eye shapes, especially those with "close-set", "up-turned" or "round" eyes because of it's flare. The "flare" will give you that sexy cat eye look.

"Theia" is a must-have in our collection if you either want something for every-day or to enhance that natural light in you.

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"Keres" is one of our newest lash styles, designed for those who constantly double stack their lashes or just love glam in their every day lifestyle. This will give you maximum volume and length.

This style can be worn on all eye shapes especially those with almond eyes or wide set eye shapes.

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