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The Secret to the Most Natural Looking Tan

Summer is just around the corner, even though we don't have any travel plans or anywhere to go... Having a tan makes you feel a LITTLE better. We don't know about you but having a tan gives us a huge confidence boost. Now what is our golden recipe for a perfect tan? We will share all our secrets with you, right now.

Our Self Tan Tips:


How we like doing it is first taking a warm bath to relax the skin. Once you are settled in, shave if you need to and grab your favorite body scrub to remove all the dead skin cells & dirt off your skin. This will help your tan application be more even.


Who else can never get their ankles NOT patchy? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Dry areas of your body can become patchy without keeping those areas moisturized. This could be your elbows, legs or knees.

Tan your face

Don't forget your face! We LOVE mixing in 2-3 drops of Isle Of Paradise Self Tan drops into a face/body cream, this will help solve your problem.

Best Dark Tans

Life's better with a tan, especially when it's dark! These tanners will make you look like you came back from a month long vacation in no time.

1. Isle Of Paradise Ultra Dark Express Mousse

Dreaming of the perfect tan you had back on vacation? This Self tanning mousse from Isle of Paradise will give this to you in less than five hours! It's advanced color correcting technology will neutralise any orange, yellow or ash tones in the skin, this will result in a super glowy, dark AF tan.

Isle of Paradise


2. Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam

If you are a tanning addict like us, you have probably tried this one already. Bondi Sands is the secret to a dark Australian tan! With it's refreshing coconut scent, it will give you the darkest tan in no time.

Bondi Sands


3. Loving Tan Ultra Dark Mousse

Life is too short to be pale! Loving Tan's ultra dark mousse will give you a sexy tan within minutes. It's quick drying formula will give you the tan of your dreams.

Loving Tan


4. Bali Body Ultra Dark Mousse

A good tan is the BEST accessory, Bali Body's ultra dark mousse will be your best friend. The before and after results of this tanner is unreal. Good tan days are only a click away!

Bali Body


Best Natural Tans

You're never fully dressed without a tan! If you love a natural looking tan or new to tanning we have our top recommendations for you to get a bomb tan.

1. Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (Medium)

"Own your GLOW!" Isle of Paradise's Self Tanning Drops are a best seller. This innovative tanner will color correct any redness and soothe your skin. For my girls with eczema, this works wonders. Mix a few Medium Drops into your favorite body cream, apply on your face and body.... And ta-da a perfect golden tan!

Isle of Paradise


2. Jergens Instant Sun Mousse

It's tan o'clock! Jergens Instant sun mousse is not only extremely affordable, it also gives you the perfect bronze glow. This fast drying, moisturizing mousse comes in a few different tones, so it's your call how dark you want to go!



3. St Tropez Purity Water Mousse

We can't forget St Tropez!Their new "Purity" Self Tan is a streak-free, water based mousse that leaves your skin with a natural, hydrrated tan. Nothing beats that fresh tan feeling!

St Tropez



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