Shauni Cosmetics - 04/25/20

How to Curl & Maintain your
False Lashes

Beautiful Lashes are just a blink away! False lashes are a lifestyle these days, whether you get extensions or wear falsies on the daily, they are a part of us. We love how they can easily finish off any makeup look. Here at Shauni Cosmetics, our lashes can last over 30 wears, and we have the ultimate secret on how to keep them looking brand new.


After wearing your lashes a few times, the natural curl may not be as perfect as the first wear. Curling your lashes will bring your lashes back to life. What you want to do is apply your false lashes first then take out your Eyelash Curler and warm it up with hot water. Once your curler is warm, bring it up to your lash line, press down for 5 seconds then release. 

You may want to hold down and repeat a few times on each eye to get the perfect curl. Re-heat your curler if needed. 

*Try your best not to be gentle and not press down too hard or else your lashes may develop a "kink" to them. 


Imagine your favorite pair of lashes after a few wears, no matter how hard you try, glue will always get stuck somewhere. Instead of getting your lashes wet by washing them and potentially damaging them, use eyeliner! Take out one of your liquid eyeliners and fill in any white glue marks on your lashes, including your lash band. This technique will make your lashes look perfectly new.


We know you may be tempted to, but don't do it girl, don't do it! After you curl your lashes you may be tempted to keep the curl in place by adding some mascara. You really won't need to do this, so skip this step that way your lashes will have their natural curl without the damage of mascara.


Lashes are lashes, they will fall apart and break your heart one day. These tips will definitely help maintain them.

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